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You Got Us to 500 Million! Here’s 30% OFF & 2 New Vietnamese Study Tools for You.

You Got Us to 500 Million! Here’s 30% OFF & 2 New Vietnamese Study Tools for You.

Hello Listener,

Can you believe it? You got us to 500 million lesson downloads. To put that number in perspective, that’s 9,513 years of learning done since we started teaching in 2005. It means that you’re learning with a proven system. 500 million downloads and 10 years of experience don’t lie. So, to thank you for helping us reach this milestone, we’ve been giving you a BIG 30% OFF and two new study tools.

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  2. Never Forget Vietnamese Words with the Updated Word Bank
  3. New! Stay Focused, Learn 2x Faster with Lesson Transcripts

1.Ends Friday! Get 30% OFF with the 500 Million Celebration!
You’ve helped us reach 500 million lesson downloads! As a thank-you, we’d like to help you master more Vietnamese for LESS. Get 30% OFF any Premium or Premium PLUS plan – that’s just $7/month or $0.23/day. You get unlimited access to 80+ hours of lessons, study tools and apps. With Premium PLUS, you can even learn 1-on-1 with your own teacher. Hurry! This ends October 2nd, 2015!

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2. Never Forget Vietnamese Words Again with the NEW Word Bank.
Do you find it easy to forget words you’ve just learned? You need the Word Bank. It’s your personal, ever-growing collection of words. Save words from lessons and vocab lists to the Word Bank with 1 click and review ‘em in 1 spot. And, it’s been updated with a new features for Premium members. What are they? Click below to find out. Not a Premium member? Take advantage of the 30% discount above!

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3. Get Your Lessons in Writing – Read Along with Lesson Transcripts.
Here’s how you easily remember the Vietnamese you learn in our lessons. Read while along listening! Using two senses at the same time keeps you focused and engaged so you learn twice as fast. With the new Lesson Transcripts, you get the entire transcript from our teachers – the dialogue, their explanations, tips and sample sentences – from beginning to end. If you’re a Basic or Premium member, find the transcripts in the Lesson PDFs of any lesson.

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To mastering Vietnamese with fun and easy lessons!

Team VietnamesePod101

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You Got Us to 500 Million! Here’s 30% OFF & 2 New Vietnamese Study Tools for You