Get 40% off with the Now or Never sale. Hurry! Ends soon!
Get 40% off with the Now or Never sale. Hurry! Ends soon! Blog
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Hello Listener,

Where will your Vietnamese be in 6 months? Successful students start now and don’t leave learning Vietnamese to luck. So, when 2016 comes and most are just starting on their Vietnamese goals, you’ll be 6 months ahead. With the 6-Month Challenge, you also get exclusive Inner Circle membership – tested learning methods and strategies for mastering Vietnamese – to make sure you smash your learning goals. There’s even a BIG 45% discount!

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  1. Ends Friday! Click Here to Learn Vietnamese in 6 Months for $66!
  2. Exclusive Inner Circle Membership Ends Friday
  3. App Users! 2 New Updates Made to Innovative Language 101
  4. Brand New VietnamesePod101 Series & Lessons Start July 6th

1. Ends Friday! Learn Vietnamese in 6 Months with a BIG 45% Discount!
Learn to speak and understand Vietnamese with real lessons from real teachers. Grab 6 months of Premium for $66 – that’s a BIG 45% OFF. Unlock the ENTIRE learning system – 80+ hours of audio and video lessons, PDF lesson notes, mobile apps, Premium tools and exclusive Inner Circle access! Get $54 in savings ‘til this Friday, June 26th, 2015.

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2. Exclusive Inner Circle Membership Closes On Friday!
How do successful Vietnamese learners stay motivated and smash their goals? Welcome to the Inner Circle – an exclusive newsletter with audio lessons and PDF notes. You learn tested learning methods and success strategies that turn you into a consistent, high-performing Vietnamese learner. The Inner Circle comes out at the end of every month (the next one is June 30th) and is for Challenge subscribers ONLY. If you’d like to join, take advantage of the 45% OFF to enroll.

Ends Friday! Click here to get 6 months of Premium & Inner Circle access.

3. More Video Lessons & More Lesson Control for App Users!
Learning Vietnamese with the App? This past month, there were two new updates that you should know about. First, video lessons are finally on the Android App. That’s more lessons for you. And the iPhone and iPad version? It has powerful lesson player controls. Slow down the Vietnamese that you hear, jump 10 seconds ahead or back, put your lessons on repeat and much more.

Click here to learn more about the updates to Innovative Language 101.

4. Ready to Master Vietnamese with New Audio & Video Lessons?
Here’s how you master more Vietnamese in 2015 – with brand new VietnamesePod101 lessons, every week. Starting July 6th, 2015, we’ll be publishing new seasons and lessons. They’re all made by real teachers and all designed to get you speaking and understanding more Vietnamese. So, what’s new at VietnamesePod101 and what lessons can you expect?

Click here to see the VietnamesePod101 publishing schedule for 2015.

To your fluency,
Team VietnamesePod101

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