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Lesson Transcript

Becky: Hi everyone. I’m Becky. Welcome back to VietnamesePod101.com This is the Absolute Beginner series, Season 1, Lesson 7 - Which Vietnamese Company Do You Work For?
Huyen: Xin chào! I’m Huyen.
Becky: In this lesson, you’ll learn about jobs in Vietnamese. The conversation takes place at a workshop and is between Mai and Susan.
Huyen: They’re meeting for the first time so, they’ll be using formal Vietnamese.
Becky: Let’s listen to the conversation.
Mai: Chị làm nghề gì?
Susan: Tôi làm giáo viên, Còn chị ?
Mai: Tôi làm về ngành marketing.
Susan: Chị làm ở công ty nào vậy?
Mai: Công ty Sony.
Mai: What do you do?
Susan: I’m a teacher. And you?
Mai: I’m in marketing.
Susan: What company are you working for?
Mai: Sony.
Becky: In Vietnam, students are likely to enter business schools because business-related jobs are believed to be popular and pay very well. What are the top business-related jobs, Huyen?
Huyen: Let’s see...auditing, banking, business administration and sales...
Becky: How about technology?
Huyen: That’s another hot industry. Students with an IT major can find a good job more easily than others.
Becky: Right. It’s difficult to enter universities of technology or business, as business or IT universities often set high requirements in order to enter. So, high-school students are more likely to choose universities based on what industry is hot, rather than on their own capabilities and desires.
Huyen: That’s so true, Becky. You really know your stuff!
Becky: I’ve done my research! Okay, now let’s move on to the vocab.
Becky: Let’s take a closer look at some of the words and phrases from this lesson. The first word is...
Huyen: ...Làm.
Becky: “To do”, “to work”, or “to make”. This verb can be used in many different contexts. In this lesson, we learn one of its meanings, which can be translated as “to work as”. For example...
Huyen: ...Tôi làm bác sĩ.
Becky: “I’m a doctor” or “I work as a doctor.”
Huyen: Tôi làm kỹ sư.
Becky: “I’m an engineer” or “I work as an engineer.”
Huyen: Next is nghề.
Becky: “Profession” or “job”
Huyen: Then we have ngành...
Becky: ...which means “industry”.
Huyen: Ngành and nghề are usually combined to make the compound noun ngành nghề...
Becky: ...which means “profession” or “career” in general. Can you give us some examples?
Huyen: Sure. Nhà giáo là nghề cao quý.
Becky: “Teaching is an honourable profession.”
Huyen: Tôi làm về ngành máy móc.
Becky: “I’m in mechanics.”
Huyen: Bố tôi hướng dẫn tôi chọn ngành nghề.
Becky: “My dad guided me in the choice of my career.” Okay, now onto the grammar.
Becky: In this lesson, you’ll learn how to talk about jobs in Vietnamese.
Huyen: To ask about someone’s job, you can say Bạn làm nghề gì?
Becky: “What do you do?” “What’s your job?” In the dialogue, the two speakers meet for the first time. Therefore, they speak formal Vietnamese.
Huyen: And since they are both female, the question starts with the pronoun chị, meaning “you” for females.
Becky: For men, you can use the pronoun...
Huyen: ...anh.
Becky: Then you can say the verb which means “to do” or “to work”...
Huyen: ...which is làm.
Becky: The next word…
Huyen: ...nghề...
Becky: ...means “job”, and then the question word…
Huyen: ...gì, meaning “what” comes at the end. Chị làm nghề gì?
Becky: There are three ways to answer this question.
Huyen: Firstly, you can say Tôi làm and then the name of the job.
Becky: That means “I work as” or “I do” and the job.
Huyen: From the dialogue, we had Tôi làm giáo viên as a reply.
Becky: “I work as a teacher.”
Huyen: The second way to answer is Tôi là and the name of the job.
Becky: Which would mean “I am” and name of the job.
Huyen: For example, you can also say Tôi là giáo viên.
Becky: “I am a teacher.”
Huyen: The third way is Tôi làm về and the industry.
Becky: “I work in” or “I’m in” and the industry.
Huyen: In the dialogue, you can hear Tôi làm về ngành marketing.
Becky: “I’m in the marketing industry.” Now let’s hear some more examples.
Huyen: Tôi là nhà báo.
Becky: “ I’m a journalist.”
Huyen: Tôi làm kỹ sư.
Becky: “I work as an engineer.”
Huyen: Tôi làm về quảng cáo.
Becky: “I’m in advertising.”


Becky: Okay, that’s it for this lesson. For more vocabulary about jobs, check the lesson ntoes. And we’ll see you again next time. Bye!
Huyen: Tạm biệt!


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Bạn làm nghề gì? What's your job?


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Sunday at 11:33 PM
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Hi Warner,

Thank you for your post.

In a question, "Chị làm ở công ty nào vậy?", "vậy" is added at the end of the sentence as an auxiliary word to emphasize the specific object being asked in the question.

The question without "vậy" at the end may not be different from the one with "vậy".

Hope that it can help.

Please let us know if this helps and if you have further questions.



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Tuesday at 10:59 AM
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nào vậy what does the vậy mean?

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Hi Hieu,

Thanks for your post.

Your sentence is 100% true.

Hope that you will enjoy the lesson.



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Tuesday at 08:06 AM
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Tôi là sinh viên :)

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Friday at 04:39 PM
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Hi Matthew,

Thank you for posting and we have responded to both of your questions in those lessons. Here it is again for your convenience: https://www.vietnamesepod101.com/lesson-library/sound-like-a-native-vietnamese-pronunciation/

Please let us know if this helps and if you have further questions.



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Thursday at 08:54 AM
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I made comments with questions on two lessons asking for advice on pronunciation. I did not receive any reply. Am I doing it wrong? How do I get a reply? Do I go back to the lesson on which I made the comment? I tried this but there was no reply. Help please.

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Chào Lawrence,

Cảm ơn câu trả lời của bạn.

Your sentence is totally correct. Good job! Anyway, if you put a full stop at the end of the sentence, it would be perfect.



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Wednesday at 10:56 PM
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Tôi làm bác sỹ