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Dear Giang & Jason,

I found your site about 2 weeks ago when I had just finished a 3-week trip through Vietnam in Dec ‘13.

I absolutely loved the country but found it frustrating not being able to communicate more with the locals; I was there on a business trip and had only found out last minute I would go so didn’t have much time to prepare. Having said that, the few words that I did learn were greatly appreciated by the Vietnamese people and I really want to go back and be able to interact more with them because Vietnamese people are tuyêt.

I have found your lessons really user friendly, encouraging and in-depth. Although I haven’t been studying for long, I can already see I’m making progress and know that with your help it really is possible for me to be speaking Vietnamese well this year.

I have already recommended your site to a couple of other friends who are considering learning languages this year too. I just wanted to say ‘Cảm ôn nhiều lam’ to the whole VietnamesePod101 team. You guys rock & I’m so glad I found your site.

Hen gặp lại

Clayton Davis
Since starting up with Vietnamesepod101.com my Vietnamese listening ability has significantly improved. While I still have a long way to go, increasingly I can pick out bits and pieces of what I hear friends and relatives say and guess from context what they are talking about. It’s probably the best program online for self-study. I plan on continuing for at least two more years.

Richard Stewart
Richard Stewart
I already knew a little bit of Vietnamese but this program has helped my pronunciation. This has the best voices i have heard on an application. Most sound so robotic, but the voices on here sound like someone is actually speaking it. My wife has loved that i am starting to understand her language now.