VietnamesePod101 Pronunciation Curriculum 

In this set of 5 lessons, you will learn the very basics about Vietnamese pronunciation. We break down all the sounds to make it easy for you to sound like a native!

PRONUNCIATION Title Topic Function Summary
#1 The Pronunciation of Consonants in Vietnamese Vietnamese Consonants Learning about Vietnamese consonants 17 Native Consonant Sounds That Make Up the
Vietnamese Language
#2 Basic Vietnamese Vowels and Diphthongs Vietnamese Vowels and Diphthongs Learning about Vietnamese vowels Vietnamese Basic Vowels and Diphthongs
#3 Vietnamese Tones Vietnamese Tones Learning about Vietnamese tones Vietnamese Tones and Triphthongs
#4 Vietnamese Accents Vietnamese Accents Learning about Vietnamese accents Recognizing the Difference between North, Central, and Southern dialects
#5 Common Vietnamese Pronunciation Mistakes Vietnamese Mistakes Learning to avoid common mistakes in Vietnamese 1. Pronouncing Final Consonants
2. Confusing Unaspirated vs Aspirated Initial Consonants: k and kh, t and th
3. Pronouncing Compound Consonants nh and ng/ngh
4. Confusing Sound Marks vs Tone Marks
5. Confusing Mid-dipping Falling Tone (hỏi) vs Broken Rising Tone (ngã)