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Vocabulary Lists Sounds That Animals Make

Sounds That Animals Make

Âm thanh của động vật
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Lions roar; they go,
Sư tử gầm. Chúng gầm: "Gào gào."
Lions roar; they go, "Roaaaar!"
Dogs bark; they go,
Những con chó sủa. Chúng kêu: "Gâu gâu."
Dogs bark; they go, "Bow wow."
Cats meow; they go,
Mèo kêu. Chúng kêu: "Meo meo."
Cats meow; they go, "Meow meow."
Cows moo; they go,
Bò kêu. Chúng kêu: "Ùm bò."
Cows moo; they go, "Mooooo."
Pigs snort; they go,
Lợn khụt khịt. Chúng kêu: "Ụt ụt."
Pigs snort; they go, "Oink."
Sheeps baa; they go,
Cừu kêu. Chúng kêu: "Be be."
Sheeps baa; they go, "Meehhhhh."
Bees buzz; they go,
Ong kêu. Chúng kêu: "Vo ve."
Bees buzz; they go, "Bzzzzzzzzz."
Birds chirp; they go,
Chim hót. Chúng kêu: "Chiêm chiếp."
Birds chirp; they go, "Tweet tweet."
Roosters crow; they go,
Gà trống gáy. Chúng kêu: "Ò ó o ."
Roosters crow; they go, "Cock-a-doodle-doo!"
Donkeys bray; they go,
Lừa kêu. Chúng kêu: "Hí hò."
Donkeys bray; they go, "Hee-haw."
Horses whinny; they go,
Ngựa hí. Chúng kêu: "Hí hí."
Horses whinny; they go, "Neighhh."
Ducks quack; they go,
Vịt kêu. Chúng kêu: "Quác quác."
Ducks quack; they go, "Quack quack."
Frogs croak; they go,
Ếch kêu. Chúng kêu: "Ếch ộp."
Frogs croak; they go, "Ribbit!"
Pigeons coo; they go,
Chim bồ câu kêu. Chúng kêu: "Gù gù."
Pigeons coo; they go, "Coo."
Mice squeak; they go,
Chuột chí. Chúng kêu: "Chít chít."
Mice squeak; they go, "Squeeeeek!"
Turkeys gobble; they go,
Gà tây kêu. Chúng kêu: "Gộp gộp."
Turkeys gobble; they go, "Gobble, gobble."
Owls hoot; they go,
Cú kêu. Chúng kêu: "Hú hú."
Owls hoot; they go, "Hooooo!"
Chicks peep; they go,
Gà con chiếp. Chúng kêu: "Chiếp chiếp."
Chicks peep; they go, "Peep!"
Wolves howl; they go,
Chó sói tru. Chúng kêu: "À hú hú hú..."
Wolves howl; they go, "Awoooooo!"
Snakes hiss; they go,
Rắn rít. Chúng rít: "ssssssssss."
Snakes hiss; they go, "Ssssssss."
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