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Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Hi listeners! In what situation were you when you could not understand the person you were speaking with?

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Monday at 08:05 PM
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Hi aidriano,

Thank you for your comment. "Không sao" literally means : no problem. Howerver, it is usually used when something negative happened and you want to describe that it's OK, don't worry, for example:

A: Em đã làm vỡ lọ hoa của chị. Em xin lỗi. ( I broke your flower vase. I am sorry. )

B: Không sao. Chị sẽ mua lọ mới. (It's OK. I will buy a new one.)

or in an accident:

A: Chị có sao không? (Are you OK? )

B: Chị không sao. Cảm ơn em. ( I am OK. Thank you. )

"đâu" is a particle word, it is used in the structure: "không + adj or Verb + đâu" to make it sounds more natural and emphasise that you won't do that act in the near future from the moment you say it. For example:

A: Chị có muốn ăn cá không? - Do you want to eat fish?

B: Tôi không ăn cá đâu. - means : I will not eat fish. ( It does not mean normally, you don't eat fish. It just means that at the moment you say it, you choose the option not to eat fish. )

When people say: Thank you, and you want to response: No problem/ Not a big deal, you do not use : "không sao đâu". Instead of that, you can use : "Không có chi" ( Southern) or "Không có gì" ( Northern) - means: Not at all.



Team Vietnamesepod101.com

Thursday at 06:24 PM
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I notice the phrase "không sao đầu" in the lesson notes. I don't think it has been covered before. Could you please elaborate on it a little, when it might be used etc.