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Sunday at 12:53 AM
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The video stops at lettuce and will go no farther.


VietnamesePod101.com Verified
Tuesday at 04:52 PM
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Hi Jeni,

There is no difference between "dฦฐa chuแป™t" and "dฦฐa leo". "Dฦฐa chuแป™t" is used more commonly in the north while "dฦฐa leo" is used more in the south.



Team VietnamesePod101.com

Jeni L
Monday at 07:10 AM
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Is there a difference between "dua chuot" and "dua leo"? I've heard cucumber called both ways....?

VietnamesePod101.com Verified
Monday at 11:28 AM
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Hi Thomas Stasko,

Thank you for posting!

We appreciate your feedback and it will be considered.

Let us know if you have questions regarding our lessons.

Kind regards,


Team VietnamesePod101.com

Thomas Stasko
Wednesday at 01:05 PM
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I wish you included ALL of the prefixes for the words. I learned the other day from my wife, who is Vietnamese, that the prefixes for such words as "carrot" and "potato" are different than "dau" because they are root vegetables.