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Lesson Transcript

Hi YouTube, welcome back! Thank you so much for watching the videos and leaving the comments because it really helps me to improve my videos. So for today, actually, I’m a foodie person, I’m not a fancy eater, but actually, do you know there’s some kind of foods that can kill you quickly? Let’s see what we have to avoid, but of course in Vietnamese, 10 foods that can kill you faster.
1. thịt xông khói “bacon”
Okay, so here, thịt is “meat / pork” in general and xông khói means “smoked”. So thịt xông khói “bacon” and actually, it’s really delicious. It’s good for bread, it’s good for sandwich, it’s good for hamburger, but it’s not good at all because it has a lot of fat, the bad kind, so you shouldn’t eat too much.
So in a sentence, you can say - Anh ấy rất thích ăn thịt xông khói. “He likes eating bacon a lot.”
Something else - Thịt xông khói rất ngon nhưng nhiều chất béo. “Bacon is yummy, but it has a lot of fat.”
2. nước uống tăng lực “energy drinks”
Okay, so energy drinks is, how to say it, it’s good for you sometimes when you want to stay awake or if you need to stay awake for work, but actually, it’s not good for your health at all because it might cause you dependence or poor sleep and because of that, I try to reduce as much as possible. I only take very few if I need to.
So in a sentence, you can say - Nhiều người nghĩ nước uống tăng lực có lợi cho sức khoẻ. “Many people think that energy drinks are good for one's health.”
But actually, it’s not.
3. thịt đã qua chế biến “processed meat”
Okay, so processed meat contains various chemical compounds which are not really or naturally present in fresh meat and some of them are harmful to your body. So because of that, if you keep eating it for a long time, you might create the risk of chronic disease especially cancer. So if you don’t want cancer, just don’t eat it.
So in a sentence, you can say if someone invites you to buy or to eat that - Tôi không muốn ăn thịt đã qua chế biến. “I don't want to eat processed meat.”
4. các bữa ăn đông lạnh “frozen meals”
Okay, so các bữa ăn đông lạnh or thực phẩm đông lạnh are “frozen meals” so if you are watching sodium, you should be especially careful about frozen meals or frozen dinners because some of them are loaded with fat, calories or sodium.
So in a sentence - Nhiều người thường mua bữa ăn đông lạnh vì họ quá bận. “Many people buy frozen meals because they are too busy.”
5. khoai tây chiên giòn “potato chips”
Okay, I know, I know this one, everybody likes chips, but actually, chips are typically high in fat and calories which you know already, right?
So in a sentence, you can say - Trẻ em rất thích khoai tây chiên giòn. “Kids like potato chips a lot.”
6. bơ thực vật “margarine”
Okay, bơ thực vật is “margarine”, but actually, bơ is “butter” and thực vật is “vegetable”, you know that? So margarine is very high in bad fat and low in good fat and also lacking in vitamins and minerals. So because of that, it’s very affordable. Sometimes, it’s very cheap and therefore, many restaurants are using margarine to reduce their cost.
So in Vietnamese, if you want to speak about this, you can say - Nhiều hàng ăn dùng bơ thực vật để giảm chi phí. “Many restaurants use margarine to reduce costs.”
7. bỏng ngô vi sóng “microwave popcorn”
Okay, so bỏng ngô is “popcorn” and vi sóng is “microwave” so bỏng ngô vi sóng “microwave popcorn”. A study has found that an acid can be extracted from the chemical in the plastic bag of microwave popcorn which causes cancer in animals and it likely cause cancer in humans too. However, people usually buy microwave popcorn for convenience.
If you want to say this one in Vietnamese, you can say - Mọi người thường mua bỏng ngô vi sóng cho tiện. “People usually buy microwave popcorn for convenience.”
8. mì ăn liền “instant noodles”
Okay, so everybody say that instant noodles is not good for your body, your health, your skin and it’s very cheap so it’s not high quality. Okay, agreed, but you know, spicy instant noodles with kimchi is amazing.
There’s that, but anyway, it’s not good for your health and in a sentence, you can say - Sinh viên thường ăn mì ăn liền để tiết kiệm tiền. “College students often eat instant noodles to save money.”
9. kẹo “candy”
Okay, so this word has a tone mark, dấu nặng. Because of that, you have to pronounce very strong, kẹo, okay, kẹo. So if you are eating candy every day, you might not eat enough foods necessary for your good health so because of that, you must say to yourself every day that - Ăn nhiều kẹo sẽ bị sâu răng. “Eating too much candy can give you cavities.”
Okay, so remember.
10. sô đa “soda”
Because the /o/ sound in Vietnamese is /ô/ and /a/ sound in Vietnamese is /a/ so sô đa.
Is soda bad for your health? My answer is sure, I think so because some would say that anything in moderation is okay, but when it comes to soda, the amount of sugar and additives is so high that I don’t think moderation even exists.
So in a sentence, you can say that - Trẻ con không nên uống nhiều sô đa. “Kids shouldn't drink too much soda.”
Okay, that’s all for today, 10 foods that can kill you faster. I love some of them, but actually, I have no choice, but to sacrifice if I want to live longer or healthier of course. If you have any questions or recommendations, just let me know in the comments below okay? Thank you so much for watching the video and see you next time.