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Lesson Transcript

Xin chào các bạn! Tôi là Linh.
Hello, everyone! This is Linh and welcome back to Vietnamese Top Words. Today, our topic is going to be 10 Hardest Words to Pronounce.
Let's go!
1. đường "sugar"
For example...
Cho tôi một ly cà-phê không đường. "Can I have a coffee without sugar, please?"
And also, đường means "on my way" and "on the road."
For example,
Tôi đang ở trên đường. "I'm on my way."
Ở trên đường. "on the road" or "on my way"
Tôi đang ở trên đường.
2. giây "second"
For example...
Chờ tôi mấy giây! "Just a moment please!"
Chờ tôi mấy giây!
This sound is not like J or G sound in English, but it's similar to Z sound.
Giây. Z. So you try and practice.
And actually, there is another word pronounced similarly.
sợi dây "the rope"
sợi dây
So giây is "second"
and sợi dây is "the rope"
3. khách "guest"
For example...
Cô ấy là khách của tôi. "She is my guest."
So in Vietnamese, you can also use khách for client, guest, or customers, they are all khách.
For example,
Ông ấy là khách hàng của tôi. "He is my customer."
You have to go up a little bit, just like up, when you say "up."
So it's going to be up.
4. kính "eyeglasses"
kính is "sunglasses." And you gonna miss the consonant K and C pronounced exactly the same
For example,
kính cận is K and C, but actually pronounced similar.
You can use it in sentences like
Tôi phải đeo kính cận từ nhỏ. "I've had to wear eyeglasses since I was small."
Tôi phải đeo kính cận từ nhỏ.
Or, Tôi để quên kính ở nhà rồi. "I forgot my eyeglasses at home."
5. quyển sách "book"
I know it's really hard for foreigners to pronounce this one because it's 2 sounds together, and 2 really hard sounds, actually.
quyển sách
But if you practice, like, the same accent or same tone, for example, the word quyển vở is a "notebook".
quyển vở
And then you change to quyển sách, maybe it's gonna be better.
quyển sách
For example...
Đây là quyển sách của cô ấy. "This is her book."
Đây là quyển vở của cô ấy. "This is her notebook."
6. thủy thủ "sailor"
I know this one is really difficult for you to practice because these are 2 different words but the same tone, right?
So the key is, you better bend your voice a little bit. Just like, quyển vở.
Just like the word quyển vở.
thủy thủ
For example, in a sentence,
Tàu này có 10 thuỷ thủ. "This boat has 10 sailors."
Tôi muốn trở thành thủy thủ. "I want to be a sailor."
Tôi muốn trở thành thủy thủ.
So, thủy thủ.
7. trâu "buffalo"
In a sentence,
Ở nông thôn có rất nhiều trâu. "There are many buffaloes in the countryside."
Or something else,
Con trâu là biểu tượng của nông thôn Việt Nam.
The buffalo is a symbol of the Vietnamese rural (countryside).
8. đọc "to read"
You remember this word had a similar rhyme with the word ngọc "jade"
And this one is đọc.
So you have to pronounce it very clear and very strong, đọc.
In a sentence,
Tôi thích đọc sách vào thời gian rảnh. "I'd like to read a book in my leisure time."
Chúng ta nên đọc sách mỗi tuần. "We should read a book every week."
Chúng ta nên đọc sách mỗi tuần.
9. kiến "ant"
And the rhyme of the word kiến is made from the letters iến, and when you go faster, it's going to be like this -
iến, iến, iến
kiến, kiến
That's how you practice.
For example,
Kiến thích đồ ngọt. "Ants like sweet stuff."
So try kiến.
10. nhanh "fast"
For example,
Anh ấy chạy rất nhanh. "He runs very fast."
Quá nhanh quá nguy hiểm. "Too fast, too furious."
Quá nhanh quá nguy hiểm.
So nhanh.
Ok, that's all for today, 10 hard 10 Hardest Words to Pronounce
And maybe next time it's going to be 10 Easiest Words to Pronounce for you to practice more Vietnamese.
I hope you enjoy today's video, and if you have any question or recommendation for the next topic, please let me know in the comment below.
I'm Linh. Thank you so much for watching the video, and see you soon!