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Lesson Transcript

Xin chào các bạn. Tôi là Ling. Rất vui được gặp lại.
“Hello, everyone! This is Linh and welcome back.”
Today, I really want to say thank you very much for supporting our videos because you guys really motivated us to make better videos. So summer is over and my favorite season is coming back, that’s why today, will talk about 10 must-know autumn vocabulary. Are you ready? Let’s go!
1. áo len “sweater”
Okay, first word is áo len “sweater”. Basically, áo is “shirt” and “len” is “wool”.
So áo len is the shirt made of wool, but if you talk about sweater in general, you can just say áo len. Everybody has it and especially now that you can easily find it because Ha Noi’s autumn is awesome.
So in a sentence - Mẹ mua tặng tôi một chiếc áo len. “My mom bought me a sweater.”
Mặc áo len và tận hưởng gió mùa là một điều tuyêt vời trong mùa thu Hà Nội. “Wearing sweater and enjoying the monsoon is the best thing to do in Hanoi autumn.”
2. nhiều mưa “rainy”
Okay, next one is nhiều mưa “rainy”. Nhiều is “a lot” and mưa is “rain”, nhiều mưa.
In a sentence - Trời hôm nay nhiều mưa. “It's rainy today.”
Hôm nay is “today”.
Trời mưa nhiều vào mùa thu nhưng nó lại làm cho không khí trở nên trong lành hơn. “It's rainy in autumn but it makes the air more fresh.”
3. nhiều gió “windy”
Okay, next one is nhiều gió “windy”. Nhiều is “a lot” and gió is “wind”, nhiều gió “windy”.
In a sentence - Ngày mai trời sẽ có nhiều gió. “It will be windy tomorrow.”
Hôm qua is “yesterday”, hôm nay is “today” and ngày mai is “tomorrow”, hôm qua, hôm nay, ngày mai and one more thing, in Vietnamese actually, we don’t have future simple or future continuous or future perfect. Only one word, sẽ, you put before the verb that is going to represent for all future tenses.
For example - sẽ ăn “will eat” or sẽ học “will study”. So remember, easy, right?
Another one - Mình thích lái xe trong trời thu và tận hưởng những ngày nhiều gió. “I like driving in autumn and enjoy the windy days.”
4. mùa thu “autumn”
Okay, next one is mùa thu “autumn”. Of course, we are talking about autumn. We have to talk about autumn in Vietnamese. Mùa is “season” and thu is “autumn” so in Vietnamese, if you talk about the season, we have to put the word mùa before the season. So mùa thu is “autumn”, mùa hạ is “summer”, mùa xuân is “spring” and mùa đông is “winter”. Remember, mùa thu.
Okay in a sentence - Mùa thu là mùa tôi thích nhất trong năm. “Autumn is my most favorite season in a year.”
In another one - Tôi cảm thấy may mắn vì được sinh ra vào mùa thu vì đó là mùa đẹp nhất trong năm. “I feel lucky to be born in the fall because it is the most beautiful season in the year.”
5. lạnh “cold”
Okay, next one is lạnh, simple. It’s just one word, lạnh, but you have to pronounce a little bit strong because this tone is pretty strong and heavy. So lạnh is not /lang/ or /line/, but lạnh.
Okay, in a sentence - Hôm nay trời hơi lạnh. “It's a little bit cold today.”
Okay, so in Vietnamese, you can just put the word hơi to talk about something is pretty + adjective or it’s quite + adjective. So for example hơi lạnh is “pretty cold” or hơi nóng is “pretty hot” or Tôi hơi đói. “I'm a little bit hungry.” or Tôi hơi khát. “I'm a little bit thirsty.” So just remember, one word only, hơi is “pretty / quite” something, remember.
Hôm nay trời hơi lạnh. “It's a little bit cold today.”
Another sentence - Trời trở lạnh rồi, cậu nhớ mặc đủ ấm. “It's getting cold, don't forget to dress warm.”
6. hạt dẻ “chestnut”
Okay, next one is hạt dẻ. It’s really popular now especially in autumn because they make it sometimes with butter or honey and it’s really warm and in Ha Noi, it’s this big. So sometimes, it’s really, really tasty and really good to eat it in autumn.
So in a sentence, you can say - Em gái tôi rất thích ăn hạt dẻ. “My younger sister likes eating chestnut a lot.”
Hạt dẻ “chestnut”
7. lá rụng “falling leaves”
Okay, next one is lá rụng. Lá is “leaves” and “falling” is rụng, but actually in Vietnamese, the sound /r/, you don’t have to pronounce /r/ or rrr… clearly, but you just pronounce like /z/ sound, that is fine so lá rụng, lá rụng. Some countries in the world, they have really nice falling leaves season and it was amazing. I would love to come there once in my life.
Okay, in Vietnamese sentence, you can say - Lá rụng làm tôi nhớ đến mùa thu. “Falling leaves remind me of autumn.”
Another one - Mùa thu là mùa lá rụng. “Autumn is the falling leaves season”.
8. lễ Tạ ơn “Thanksgiving”
Next one is lễ Tạ ơn. Actually, I’ve never been in U.S. or Canada before and also, I’m not a religionist so I don’t know how Thanksgivings look like, but actually, every year on Thanksgiving day, we have a lot of news or articles so I know this is a very big and important holiday of the U.S.
So in Vietnamese, you can say - Lễ Tạ ơn là một trong những ngày lễ quan trọng ở Mỹ. “Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays of the US.”
So in Vietnamese, lễ Tạ ơn is “Thanksgiving Day”.
9. Halloween “Halloween”
Okay, next one is Halloween, but actually in Vietnamese, we don’t have a specific word for this. It’s still Halloween and this one is not our culture as well as holiday, but actually lately, a lot of foreigners living and working in Vietnam so we have a lot of activities for this. That’s why kids really enjoy Halloween.
So in Vietnamese, you can ask - Bạn có thích Halloween không? “Do you like Halloween?”
Easy, right?
10. lá “leaf”
In Vietnamese, we don’t have different words for leaf and leaves so it’s still lá. So don’t forget, this one is different.
In a sentence, you can say - Mùa lá đỏ ở Nhật rất đẹp. “The red leaf season in Japan is so beautiful.”
Okay, guys, we just had 10 must-know autumn vocabulary and I hope you enjoyed it. So if you want to learn anything else in Vietnamese, you can just request here in the comments below. I’m Lihn and thank you so much for watching the video and see you next time.