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Lesson Transcript

Xin chào các bạn. Tôi là Ling. Rất vui được gặp lại. “Hello everyone! This is Linh and welcome back!” Summer has come and today, we will talk about 10 things to do in the summer in Vietnam. Are you ready?
1. đi du lịch nước ngoài “to travel abroad”
Hey guys, I'm traveling abroad. Yes, I'm in the Philippines now and if you prepare for the trip like that, you have to do so many things, what to do, where to stay, passport, money, right? If you plan for the trip like that, why don't do it now?
So in a sentence - Hè này, cả gia đình tôi sẽ đi du lịch nước ngoài. “This summer, my whole family will travel abroad.”
Or something else - Đi du lịch nước ngoài là mục tiêu của tôi hè này. “To travel abroad is my target this summer.”
Let’s go!
2. thư giãn tại bãi biển “to relax at the beach”
Everybody enjoys swimming, eating seafood or playing game at the beach, but actually, I only enjoy relaxing at the beach because it's very relaxing, very peaceful, very chilling and I've been living in the city for so long, that's why I really enjoy traveling to the beach just to relax.
In a sentence, you can say - Họ đang thư giãn tại bãi biển. “They are relaxing at the beach.”
Or you can say - Mọi người thích đi bơi nhưng tôi chỉ thích thư giãn tại bãi biển. “Everybody enjoys swimming, but I only enjoy relaxing at the beach.”
3. học tiếng việt với VietnamesePod101.com “to learn Vietnamese with VietnamesePod101.com
If you are planning to travel to Vietnam or if you love Vietnamese culture or you want to explore more about it now, why don't you visit the website VietnamesePod101.com to learn Vietnamese and you actually can introduce this website to your friend or your families.
In a sentence, you can say - Tôi sẽ ghé thăm trang VietnamesePod101.com để học tiếng Việt trước khi đi du lịch Việt Nam. “I will visit the website VietnamesePod101.com before traveling to Vietnam to study Vietnamese.”
4. học nấu món ăn Việt Nam “to learn to cook Vietnamese food”
I really like Vietnamese food because Vietnamese food is very tasty, very easy to cook and very healthy as well. That's why you can see Vietnamese people, they have a very slim and thin body, but actually very strong because the way they cook is very healthy and also the ingredients are very good, very fresh and very tasty. So if you want to learn how to cook Vietnamese food or if you want to try Vietnamese food, why don't you come to Vietnam this summer?
In a sentence - Hè này tôi sẽ đến Việt Nam để học nấu món ăn Việt Nam. “This summer, I will travel to Vietnam to learn how to cook Vietnamese food.”
5. nướng thịt ngoài trời “to have a barbecue”
Everybody likes barbecue because it's so much fun and the food is really good, I love it. If you are traveling to Vietnam, there are so many places. They prepare for you the place to have your own barbecue and you just prepare your own food if you will have a barbecue outdoor with your friends.
If someone asks you to come to their place to have a barbecue together, they would say - Hôm nay hãy đến nhà tôi. Chúng ta sẽ có nướng thịt ngoài trời. “Let’s come to my place today. We will have an outdoor barbecue.”
Or you can say to your friends - Tôi rất thích nướng thịt ngoài trời với bạn bè. “I really like outdoor barbecue with friends.”
Please don’t forget to throw trash in the right place.
6. tiệc tùng thâu đêm “to party all night”
Okay, partying is one of the best parts in summer right? Drinking, meeting friends, meeting new people. Especially when you are traveling in Vietnam in the summer, there are a lot of music festival and they invite popular DJs all over the world to perform at the big concert. Let me tell you, the ticket is very affordable compared with other big countries or in western countries. So why don't you come to Vietnam this summer and enjoy the big music festival there and party all night?
So you can say in Vietnamese - Tôi và các bạn đã tiệc tùng thâu đêm cuối tuần trước. “My friends and I have partied all night last weekend.”
7. đi bộ đường dài “to go hiking”
You know, to go hiking is really good for your body, especially when you are juggling and you spend a lot of time on the way. So you better exercise a little bit so you can get a healthy body. Let me tell you, in Vietnam, if you travel to Sapa or if you pass by Hoang Lien Son, the view is amazing and it would blow you away, I could tell you that. So let's come to Vietnam and try to go for a hike. When you go along the way, you can see the whole beautiful, nice view.
In Vietnamese, you can say - Bố tôi rất thích đi bộ đường dài. “My dad likes going for a hike a lot.”
So let’s come to Vietnam and try to go for a hike.
8. làm thêm “to work a part-time job”
Nowadays, Vietnamese students, they really like to work a part-time job, especially in summer because they have free time and they can have more income or they can have more experiences especially when they are going to graduate university or high school soon. So, for example, me this summer, I teach Vietnamese as a part-time job.
In Vietnamese, I can say - Dạy tiếng Việt là công việc làm thêm của tôi hè này. “Teaching Vietnamese is my part-time job this summer.”
Hè này tôi sẽ đi làm thêm. “I will work a part-time job this summer.”
9. vui chơi với bạn bè “to have fun with friends”
Summer vacation, no homework, no school, none at all. A lot of free time and we have also -
Đi du lịch nước ngoài, tiệc tùng thâu đêm, thịt nướng ngoài trời, thư giãn tại bãi biển, có một làn da rám nắng. Absolutely, summer is the best season to have fun with friends.
In Vietnamese, you can say - Mùa hè là mùa tuyệt vời nhất để vui chơi với bạn bè. “Summer is the best season to have fun with friends.”
10. ở trong nhà và lướt mạng “to stay inside and browse the Internet”
Okay, some people they don't like to hang out in the summer because it's hot and it's sunny and they prefer just to stay inside and browse the internet for shopping online or watch a movie and yes, everybody has different hobbies.
So in Vietnamese, you can say - Cô ấy chỉ ở nhà và lướt mạng cả ngày. “She just stays inside and browses the Internet the whole day.”
Or you can say to your friends - Tôi thích ở nhà và lướt mạng để mua sắm trực tuyến. “I’d prefer to stay inside and browse the Internet for shopping online.”
Okay, we just had 10 things to do in the summer in Vietnam and I hope you enjoy it. Do you have any experience spending the summer in Vietnam before? Please let me know in the comments below and don't forget to like the video, subscribe to the channel and visit the website, VietnamesePod101.com, to learn more Vietnamese. I am Linh and thank you so much for watching the video and see you next time. Xin chào và hẹn gặp lại!