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Lesson Transcript

Xin chào các bạn. Tôi là Ling. Hi, guys! Linh is back and it’s really nice to see you guys again today because I have a very interesting topic to talk with you guys. It’s 10 favorite words chosen by fans and let’s see what we got. By the way, because I’m from Hanoi, the north of Vietnam so sometimes, you will see me and people from the south or people from the center of Vietnam, we have different accents. So if you are studying Vietnamese then I recommend you just to stick with only one accent, for example, only northern accent or only southern accent. It’s going to be easier for you because sometimes, we use different words for the same meaning, don’t be confused. So yeah, just remember this and now let’s get ready!
1. bạn “friend”
Okay, first one is bạn. It’s a “friend” and in Vietnamese, there is only one word, bạn, to talk about a friend. So it’s good to have a lot of friends, especially when you are an only child and you will have someone to hang out with or to share all the times together.
So in Vietnamese, you can say - Cô ấy là bạn của tôi. “She is my friend.”
Remember, the word của tôi is “mine”. Actually, it’s behind the noun. Cô ấy là bạn của tôi. It’s not của tôi bạn like in English so bạn của tôi.
Something else we can say - Cô ấy có nhiều bạn vì cô ấy rất thân thiện. “She has a lot of friends because she is very friendly.”
So bạn is a “friend”.
2. cà phê “coffee”
Okay, this one is my favorite thing because I love Vietnamese coffee. It’s really, really tasty and the smell is so good. Every time I introduce Vietnamese coffee with my friends, especially foreigner friends, they will love it because it’s so delicious. Especially when you drink in the evening, you cannot just sleep the whole night because it’s really strong. It’s that strong so just be careful. Just drink in the morning then it will awake your body the whole day.
So in Vietnamese, you can say - Cà phê Việt Nam có hương vị đặc biệt. “Vietnamese coffee has a special taste.”.
Nếu đã từng thử cà phê Việt Nam, chắc chắn bạn sẽ không thể quên được hương vị thơm ngon của nó. “If you ever tried Vietnamese coffee then you will never forget its tasty flavor.”
3. Cám ơn. “Thanks.”
Okay, actually, this one you can use for both formal and informal ways, cám ơn, but actually, there is another formal way like - Cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều! “Thank you very much!”.
So if you want to say in general, you just say cám ơn then it’s fine.
So in Vietnamese, you can say - Cảm ơn bạn đã dạy tôi tiếng Việt. “Thank you for teaching me Vietnamese.”
Bữa tối rất tuyệt vời, cảm ơn bạn vì đã mời tôi. “Dinner was amazing, thank you for having me.”
4. chóng mặt “dizzy”
Okay, chóng mặt is “dizzy”. Actually, this is a compound word so it doesn’t mean anything if you split this one so just use chóng mặt as “dizzy”.
Especially when you come to Vietnam and suddenly you’re not feeling well and you want to ask for people’s help so you can ask - Xin lỗi tôi thấy chóng mặt quá, bạn có thể giúp tôi được không? “Excuse me I feel so dizzy, can you please help me?”
5. đẹp “beautiful”
Okay, this one is my favorite thing too because it can be used for both people and things like something is beautiful or someone is beautiful.
For example, “She is very beautiful.” Cô ấy rất đẹp.
Trời hôm nay đẹp quá! “It's a beautiful day today.”
In another sentence, you can say - Bộ váy này rất đẹp và hợp với bạn. “This dress is beautiful and looks good on you.”
So đẹp is “beautiful”.
6. hạnh phúc “happy”
In a sentence - Chị ấy trông thật hạnh phúc. “She looks so happy.”
So “happy” is hạnh phúc.
Another sentence - Tôi hạnh phúc khi khiến bố mẹ tự hào về mình. “I'm happy for making my parents proud of me.”
7. khỏe mạnh “healthy”
Okay, this one in Vietnamese, if you’re talking about a person then it’s going to be khỏe mạnh.
For example - Trông ông của anh ấy rất khoẻ mạnh. “His grandfather looks so healthy.”.
But if you are talking about food, then it’s going to be lành mạnh.
In a sentence - Đồ ăn Việt Nam rất lành mạnh. “Vietnamese food is very healthy.”
8. kỳ nghỉ “vacation”
Okay, this one everybody loves it because no work, no school, just free time and travelling and so on.
So in a sentence, you can say - Bạn đã có kế hoạch gì cho kì nghỉ này chưa? “Do you have any plan for this vacation?”
Bạn sẽ đi đâu vào kỳ nghỉ này? “Where are you going for this vacation?”
So kỳ nghỉ “vacation”.
9. ngủ “to sleep”
Okay, this one is my favorite word too because I really enjoy sleeping. I don’t know why, but it has to be more than 8 hours a day. Actually, I sleep a lot, but it’s good because you feel stronger after sleeping enough.
So in a sentence - Em bé đang ngủ. “The baby is sleeping.”
Actually in Vietnamese, if you want to conjugate a verb in present continuous, you can just put the word đang before the verb, that is fine.
Đang ngủ is “sleeping” or đang ăn is “eating” or đang học is “studying” so it’s easy right?
Another sentence - Mình nên đi ngủ sớm hôm nay vì sáng mai mình phải dậy sớm. “I should go to sleep early today as I have an early tomorrow.”
10. Thật tuyệt! “Awesome!”
Okay, actually in Vietnamese, you can use thật tuyệt or tuyệt vời for awesome.
So in a sentence - Thật tuyệt vời khi được nhận học bổng từ trường đại học mà mình yêu thích! “It's awesome to receive a scholarship from your favorite college.”
It’s awesome.
Okay, done 10 favorite words chosen by fans and I hope you enjoyed it. So if you want to learn anything else in Vietnamese then you will just request at the comment below. I’m Linh and thank you so much for watching the video and see you soon!