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Lesson Transcript

Eric: Welcome to 3-Minute Vietnamese Season 1, Lesson 14 - When Are You Leaving? In this lesson, you’ll learn how to ask when someone is leaving in Vietnamese.
Eric: Here's the formal way to ask "When are you leaving?" in Vietnamese.
Hoang Anh: [Normal] Khi nào Anh sẽ đi?
Eric: First is an interrogative meaning "when"
Hoang Anh: [Normal] khi nào [Slow] khi nào
Eric: Next is the word meaning "you” for a man.
Hoang Anh: [Normal] Anh [Slow] anh
Eric: Next is the verb meaning "will” or “to be going to"
Hoang Anh: [Normal] sẽ [Slow] sẽ
Eric: Last is the verb meaning "to go” or “to leave"
Hoang Anh: [Normal] đi [Slow] đi
Eric: Note the rising intonation. Listen again to the formal question meaning "When are you leaving?"
Hoang Anh: [Slow]