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Learn all about the society and culture of Vietnam.
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All About

In this set of 15 lessons, you will learn all about the society and culture of Vietnam. These lessons are entirely in English and are for those who want to learn more about the Vietnamese language and in-depth information about the country where it is spoken.

ALL ABOUT Title/Topic Function Summary
#1 Top Reasons to Study Vietnamese Talking about Vietnam and the Vietnamese language Background of the Vietnamese Language, About Vietnam, Where Is Vietnamese Spoken? Vietnamese Writing
#2 The Vietnamese Writing System Understanding the Vietnamese Writing System The Vietnamese writing system and alphabet
#3 Painless Vietnamese Grammar Understanding the characteristics of Vietnamese Grammar Basic Vietnamese Grammar, Gender, Articles, Plurals of Nouns, The Plural Definite Article, Pronouns, Conjugation, Unique Aspect of Language, Adjectives
#4 Basic Vietnamese Pronunciation Understanding the characteristics of Vietnamese Pronunciation Vietnamese Vowels and Consonants, Consonant Groups, Vietnamese's Sound that are Different from Other Languages
#5 Top 5 Must-Know Phrases for Learning Vietnamese Using the top 5 must-know phrases in Vietnamese 1. Xin chào ("Hello!")
2. Cảm ơn ("Thank you")
3. Không, cảm ơn. ("No, thank you")
4. Xin/Làm ơn...giúp tôi ("Please")
5. Xin hỏi/Xin lỗi ("Excuse me")
#6 Can You Answer these 5 Questions About Vietnam? Testing yourself on Vietnam 5 quiz questions testing your knowledge on Vietnam
#7 Top 5 Vietnamese Dishes Talking about famous Vietnamese dishes Vietnamese cuisine: typical dishes, regional dishes, seasonal dishes, table etiquette
#8 Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Vietnamese Society Talking about daily life and society in Vietnam Life in Vietnam: Major Cities and How they Work, Family Life, Work, Culture, and Economy, Politics, Generational Trends
#9 Top 5 Important Dates During the Vietnamese Calendar Year Talking about important holidays 5. Mid-autumn festival - Tết trung thu
4. Women's Day (8th March and 20th October)
3. Liberation/Reunification Day (30th April)
2. National Day - Quốc Khánh (2nd September)
1. Vietnamese New Year - Tết (Lunar New Year)
#10 Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Vietnamese Pop Culture Talking about Vietnamese pop culture Pop Culture in Vietnam: Music, Movies, Television, Celebrities, Sports Figures
#11 Top 5 Tools for Learning Vietnamese Using the top 5 tools to help you learn Vietnamese Top 5 Useful Tools for Learning Vietnamese:
1. Entertainment
2. Dictionary
3. Vietnamese-Speaking Friends
4. Social Networking
5. Pen and Paper
#12 Top 5 Vietnamese Language Mistakes You Should Never Make! Avoiding the Top 5 Mistakes in Vietnamese 1. Don't raise your voice for a yes/no question
2. Don't pronounce final consonants
3. Learn basic classifiers
4. Learn the Pronunciation Now!
5. Be careful when using personal pronouns
#13 Top 5 Vietnamese Phrases Your Teacher Will Never Teach You! Using Vietnamese phrases you won't learn in the classroom Top 5 Phrases Your Teacher Will Never Teach You:
1. Đợi chút nhé ("Wait a minute.")
2. Chuyện gì thế? ("What's going on?")
3. Tuyệt or tuyệt quá! ("Cool")
4. Thật không? ("seriously!?")
5. Đúng không? ("Right(!)?")
#14 Top 5 Vietnamese Classroom Phrases! Using the top 5 classroom phrases in Vietnamese Top 5 Phrases for Learning Vietnamese:
1. ...nghĩa là gì? ("What does ... mean?")
2. Mở sách ra ("Open your books.")
3. Tôi không hiểu ("I don't understand.")
4. Xinnhắc lại lầnnữa.("One more time.")
5. Hiểu chưa? ("Understood?")
#15 Top 5 Pet Phrases from the Vietnamese Teachers! Using the hosts' favorite Vietnamese phrases VietnamesePod101's Favorite Phrases in Vietnamese:
1. Dạo này ...khỏe không?/Dạo này... thế nào? ("How are you doing?")
2. Tôi vẫn khỏe/Tôi vẫn ổn. ("I'm good")
3. ... ở đâu? ("Where is...?")
4. Trời ơi! ("Oh my god")
5. Tất nhiên rồi ("Sure.")